Mission Statement

What we stand for

Marienau is a member of the UNESCO associated schools network and will continue living up to a wholisitic personality development. Learning and living in the community of Marienau is based active partcipation and contributions of all members. It is part of our tradition to make our students autonomous and tolerant young people that are ready to take over responsibility.

Working and living together in a supportive way by appreceating each other is the foundation for a successful education. Parents are trustfully involved in our daily work. Small study groups and an open-minded educational approach helps us to offer impactful tuition. Giving guidance to the young people even beyond pure school lessons results in a sustainable educational success.

We do understand cultural diversity as enrichment for our community. In our school there are people of different cultural backgrounds living and working peacefully together. By maintaining our international cooperations we are promoting a vivid intercultural life. This also helps to develop a sound and open-minded personal identity of our students and teachers. We bring values like humans rights, environmental education and global developments to life, that is why we are part of the UNESCO associated schools network.

We believe in the abilities and talents of our students. We have confidence in them to do their best and to be successful – that is what we demand from them. We arouse their interests and encourage them to widen their knowledge and broaden their senses. We are there for them in order to give advice and to create an individually best approach to the field of learning. We create a space for living where subjects and objects are treated respectfully. In our closely connected school community where we know each other well. Together with a clear daily structure this provides a straight orientation and excellent conditions of learning for all individuals. The roots of teaching in Marienau lie in the progressive educational approach of the early 1900. We are constantly working on it and continuosly refining or methods. We put all effort in bulding up a sense of personal responsibility of our children to prepare them for life.

In working and living together peacefully adults serve as role models. We aim to build up reliable relationships as foundation for our professional work. We are fully committed to the education and personal development of young people.

It makes us proud that our employees have a strong identification with Marienau. They are highly committed and most of them are working here for many years. To support this, we offer good conditions for working and living in Marienau. Its unique forest and park premises offer space for retreat, rest and comfort. This natural environment is part of our pedagogic concept of living and learning together.

Schule Marienau is a member of the association of boarding schools “Die Internate Vereinigung”. This association is a network of high reputed boarding schools in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland. Heike Elz, head of Marienau, is currently acting as chairwoman of the association. All member schools are working togehter closely and trustfully. The are several common conferences and work groups meeting regularly.