The sponsoring association

Responsibility and far-sightedness

The Landerziehungsheim Schule Marienau e.V. is a charitable sponsoring association directly and exclusively serving promotion of education and teaching. The
Marienau school, where girls and boys are brought up based on the reformed pedagogic goals and taught in the freely organized, state-licensed boarding school, serves to achieve this purpose.
The legally competent association entered in the association register of Lüneburg is represented by its board. According to the existing rules of procedure, the association’s day-to-day business is managed by the principal and the managing director.

Mitglieder des Trägervereins

Managing commitee
1rst chairman: Jan Behrmann, Tespe
2nd chairman: Dieter Plate, Berlin
3rd chairwoman: Cornelia von Ilsemann, Bremen

Arndt Baumann, Hamburg
Esther Hey, Pinneberg
Jürgen Metz, Überlingen
Dr. Hajo Müller, Hamburg
Gunther Ostwald, Dahlem
Thomas Sievers, Hamburg
Dr. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp, Darmstadt
Pia Stobernack, Kiel
Dr. Heike Volkmer, Wedemark

Honorary members
Prof. Dr. Johann Peter Vogel, Berlin
Delf Egge (†)
Prof. Ernst Cramer (†)
Dr. Bernhard Knoop (†)
Dr. h.c. Annemarie Roeper (†)