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Gemeinsam fördern

Many Altmarienauer alumni remember Marienau more and more positively over the years. Often, former Marienau students return to tell us about characterizing experiences during their time at school and clearly express their commitment.

We are convinced that this commitment and memory of times in Marienau can be the basis for a permanent contribution to the future of Marienau through a charitable foundation.

Our charitable foundation is to support Marienau as an important alternative to public schools, help secure its continued existence and enable talented young people attend Marienau, no matter if their families are able to pay for their stay at Marienau.
Many things have changed in Marienau; the large new sport facility, the modern buildings, and the sprawling premises stand out immediately. The continued development of the pedagogic work is not as immediately evident. The current Abitur examinations after 12 years of schooling pose great challenges to Marienau. On the economic side, the loss of one year of school had to be compensated for. On the pedagogic side, we find just how much of a strain is put on our students by the lessons.

The increased share of international students, on the other hand, makes us happy. Young people from Spain, China, France, Mexico, Russia enrich the Marienau community and prepare our students for a globalized world.

We have set the specific target for ourselves that far more of our students are to attend Marienau as academic scholarship holders in the next years.
The prerequisites for application and participation in the selection proceedings include good to very good performance as well as in particular initiative beyond lessons and particularly commitment in the social, music, arts, athletic, political or natural sciences areas.
“In future, Marienau school should be able to promote talents of all kinds that advance the school as a community with sufficient available financial resources.” (Martin Kirchner, 2000)
The Altmarienauer Verein and school award a number of partial scholarships already. We want to increase this number considerably through a foundation for the good and benefit of Marienau and its students: Stiftung Marienau. The foundation board comprises Jens Hauswedell, lawyer, and Jean Braun from the men’s outfitter of the same name in Hamburg. Dr. Carola Wollenhaupt, orthodontist, was elected the foundation board’s chairwoman.

The foundation board includes Prof. Thomas Jaspersen – working here for himself and his family – as well as Dr. Hans-Georg von Portatius, journalist, and Dr. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp, entrepreneur. The foundation board has elected Mr. Jan Behrmann, entrepreneur, as chairman of the board of Stiftung Marienau.
Other founding members include Rolf Ehlermann, pharmacist, and Dr. Gerd Weiland, lawyer.
All the founding members named are Altmarienauer and look forward to meeting further dedicated persons who would like to support the idea of our foundation! Find information on application for a scholarship here.


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