Marienau School - The premises

Learning in a special environment

The Marienau school is surrounded by more than 80 hectares of forest, meadows, yard and building areas. The old estate has been turned into many buildings with modern architecture that form a harmonious whole today. The campus is centered around the main building and pond, radiating generosity and protection. The various functions – living, school, boarding school rooms, workshops, dining hall and housekeeping rooms – are deliberately closely linked.
Marienau is approx. 80 km South-East of Hamburg, at the edge of the Lüneburg Heath, right by the small river of Neetze. Marienau belongs to the Samtgemeinde Dahlenburg district, located 24 km east of Lüneburg.
The most important stores and facilities in Dahlenburg can be reached quickly from Marienau.
Attractive excursion destinations nearby are the river Elbe with its sprawling valley meadows, the adjacent nature preserve as well as the Göhrde and Wendland, a unique landscape with cultural diversity and an unmistakable charisma.
The old salt and Hanseatic city of Lüneburg with its historical old town, the salt spa, movie theaters, the city stage, the university, several museums, restaurants and student flair, is worth a trip all of its own. The region also offers many outstanding golf courts.
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