Our principle

What is important to us

Marienau is a private boarding school with Gymnasium secondary school and a regional all-day school with a long tradition and a state license. Living and learning in the Marienau community are based on active co-determination and contribution by everyone involved. This corresponds to the declared goal on which the school’s founders, Dr. Max and Dr. Gertrud Bondy, focused as well: Children and teens should be educated based on democratic principles to become independently thinking people committed to community, political and social activity; they should learn to take responsibility for themselves and others and to be tolerant.

We are certain that successful education is only possible in valuing interaction. The parents of our students are trustingly integrated into this.

Marienau has a diverse student community and is a place of intercultural learning. It is a home at school that educates to value others. It is a Gymnasium secondary school that trusts its students to perform. It is a place where knowledge is conveyed in small classes with individual support.

Marienau was founded in 1923. It is run by a charitable association. Our generous forest and park premises make Marienau unique and are part of our pedagogic concept as a place to live and learn in.

We will gladly take time for you! Visit us and get to know us – Schedule a personal appointment (05851 – 941 33 or sekretariat@marienau.de)

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