Marienau School - Our film

Marienau means to me ..

Marienau is a special place of living and learning. Marienau is a school, where students always have somebody at their side to help and support them. To offer more than texts and pictures, Marienau alumni and filmmaker Rosa Hannah Ziegler made a film in and about Marienau School. It is students’ and teachers’ time to talk about what Marienau means to them. This film enables you to dive into Marienau atmosphere and get to know the different facets of school and boarding school.
Working, living and learning together – that is what makes Marienau unique. No matter if you attend Marienau as all day stundent or boarding school student, our abilities of academic education and of personal development vary from those of other schools. We aim to give time and chance to our students becoming broadly skilled personalities, who experience an outstanding education by living in our school and boarding school community.