Guest/boarding school students

Studying in Marienau

Marienau school has accepted international students and enabled learning together for several years. Whether for a (half-)year-long stay or to acquire the Abitur qualification: our international students enrich life in our school and boarding school community and expand the Marienau network.

Before and during their stay, the foreign students are supported by our “international team” that acts as a contact for visa formalities, organization of the DaF lessons, holiday and weekend supervision. The head of the international team is Mrs Raslan-Alaoui
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According to their age and their previous school experiences, the students coming from Mexico, Russia,

Italy, China, Colombia and Spain attend different classes (from 5 to 12) of our school, most of them aiming at passing the German “Abitur” after a few years. Our pedagogical aim is to provide a comprehensive education for all nationalities that comprises classroom learning, extracurricular activities and life within the community of a boarding school such as Marienau.
In Marienau, students of both local and international backgrounds learning side by side get the chance to develop qualifications such as individual open-mindedness, the abandonment of prejudices and the willingness to open up to mutual, intercultural understanding, tolerance and acceptance.
For further inquiries, please contact the head of the international team, Mrs. Rana Raslan-Alaoui
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