A committed service

Marienau School offers the chance of doing a voluntarily service in school and boarding school. Working as a volunteer in Marienau is a one year service and aims to support teachers and pedagogic staff. Our volunteers

  • work as assistant in language classes (English, Spanish or French)
  • support our team on weekend activities and excursions
  • offer Arbeitsgemeinschaften (clubs/work groups) during the week for our students.

Due to the fact that we are located on the countryside our volunteers help to shuttle students, for e.g. to bring them to their social services’ places in the closer surrounding. Therefore it is required to be a skilled driver having a valid driving licence.

VIA e.V., an incorporated society for international and intercultural exchange, is our partner for our voluntary service.VIA perceives itself as a bridge builder between cultures.Hence they organise stays abroad to get a deeper insight into work life and living conditions in other countries and communities.

They offer programs for young people from Germany to be sent to other countries as well as for young people from all over the world to come to Germany. Marienau School values this intercultural exchange as it enriches our students’ education and life. So far we had volunteers from India, South Afrika, Uganda and Tansania and appreciated their support very much.

If you are interested to join our team as a volunteer and want to live and work with us in Germany, you are very welcome to do so. For any further inquiries or to hand in your application, please contact Mr. Tobias Karrasch, head of boarding school.