Intercultural life

Marienau school has been a UNESCO project school since 2003.
This means: Marienau is particularly committed to the values of the UNESCO-Charter and constitution regarding human rights, international peaceful understanding, protection of minorities, tolerance, environmental education and intercultural learning.
Our everyday education is targeted at anchoring the idea of a peaceful and tolerant world in the heads of children and teens. These subjects are processed in various contexts:

  • In the form of projects: For one week, students deal with different aspects of a subject, usually suggested by the international association of the UNESCO project schools, such as the subject “Water – the elixir of life” or human rights, democracy etc.
  • In the form of exhibitions, e.g. on our school’s founder Max Bondy and the time of the youth movement, the “Weiße Rose” or a visit to the KZ Neuengamme.
  • In the form of a student exchange: Marienau’s school program includes contact with foreign cultures, countries and people. A diverse program is offered, among others, by contact with the Kibbuz Nes Ammim in Israel in the scope of the UNESCO project.

The current migration of people around the globe has created a new demand for the responsibility of schools to increase intercultural activities and thus to bring international perspectives into the classrooms.

In times when today`s national standards do not suffice for a worldwide competition, Marienau has decided to promote the idea of meeting today`s global challenges by inviting international students to join in the opportunity of sharing intercultural experiences with the local students in our school.
According to their age and their previous school experiences, the students coming from Mexico, Russia, China, Egypt and Spain attend different classes (from 5 to 12) of our school, most of them aiming at passing the German “Abitur” after a few years. Our pedagogical aim is to provide a comprehensive education for all nationalities that comprises classroom learning, extracurricular activities and life within the community of a boarding school such as Marienau.
In Marienau, students of both local and international backgrounds learning side by side get the chance to develop qualifications such as individual open-mindedness, the abandonment of prejudices and the willingness to open up to mutual, intercultural understanding, tolerance and acceptance.
Eventually, Marienau as a UNESCO School regards itself as a European school within a global community.
For further inquiries, please contact our ‚International Team‘. Mrs. Rana Raslan is head of the international team and all concerns may be addressed to her: