Living and housing

A second home

Marienau community connects all people, who work, live and learn here. Our community is a shelter for each individual and provides a profesional cooperation for all of us. The residential groups with their familiar atmosphere in the different houses on our campus offer a home to about 140 students. The housing communities contain 10 students in average, either in groups of the same age or of a range of ages.

Our staff supervising the houses has their home in Marienau, often living here with their own families. They work in Marienau School as teachers or are part of the pedagogic faculty. As house parents they are main contact for your children and you as parents. As such they are a reliable base and provide a secure structure – from waking up in the morning and saying good night in the evening.

This feeling of belonging together is essential especially for our younger students. Older students are more and more guided to achieve age-appropriate self-reliance. In a certain scope they take over responsibility e.g. in terms of taking a role as ‘cornett’. Cornetts are older students, the take the role of an older sibling in the residential community. This job is highly appreciated and our students are trained in preparation to take this role.

In lower grades and in junior high school our students share a double room, in senior classes they have single rooms at their disposal. All rooms have basic furniture and can be decorated individually by the students to make them feel home. In every house on the campus there is a shared kitchen, often in combination with a common room.