Weekend activities

Enjoy boarding school life

Marienau school and boarding school works on a biweekly basis. This means, that there are lessons on every second Saturday. In the afternoon as well as on Sunday the children are offered regular activities or weekend specials. Weekend specials can be excursions, day trips or workshops e.g. in self defense, hiphop, dancing etc. taking place in Marienau.

Younger students of classes 5-10 usually stay in boarding school on this school weekends. Older students from class 11-13 may choose to go home after the end of Saturday’s lessons. This biweekly basis slows down the pace of the week and give students and teachers free time in Marienau. To spend time together and enjoy common activities is essential to create and strengthen our community and boarding school life. To give you an idea about the weekend activivies our team offers, please have a look here.

If there is a family weekend, school ends on Friday at 1 p.m.. We provide a shuttle bus to Lüneburg train station, from where students take bus or train connections to their homes. On Sunday evening, the shuttle works the other way around. Our shuttle bus leaves at 8.30 p.m. from Lüneburg station to bring all boarding students back to Marienau Campus.

But even on the family weekends, life in boarding school is still going on. Our international students stay with us as their way home is far too long. Additionally, some of our national students can choose to stay in Marienau in Marienau. In average it may be about 25 students in Marienau on a family weekend. Besides providing food, we also offer some activities. A small team is in charge to take care for the students, to meet each other at certain times and to make sure everything works out well.

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