Stepping stone into the working world

Stronger into the future

We meet young people with curiosity and take responsibility for their development. This is not only limited to good academic training, but also comprises development of personality and preparation for life after school.

We strengthen students in taking responsibility for themselves and their learning success. In Marienau, students learn a sense for community and democracy. Teens are trained and supported in the scope of the school and boarding school community to take over functions like that of class representative, head student or prefect (“cornet”) within a home group. Older students act as mentors for younger ones to help them in their everyday lives and with special requests. The school assembly is an important part of life at Marienau, anchored in the concept by the founders Dr. Max and Dr. Gertrud Bondy already. In this body with equal representation, the elected representatives discuss future projects for the school community.

Responsibility is shown in particular by our 9th grade students, who show true dedication in the scope of social services.

Teens are often underestimated. Giving them the opportunity to develop initiative, as we do in Marienau, e.g. to found a small student company such as the kiosk sales, under their own responsibility, a surprising number of them turns out to be surprisingly inventive and successful.

Working life in our globalized world requires more and more of every individual. We try to prepare our students for this. Marienau reacts to this by making a dedicated concept of vocational orientation part of the school’s curriculum. For us, an annual vocational orientation day, a profession portfolio in grade 9, a 14-day work experience in grade 10 as well as trade fair visits and in-house vocational guidance are essential parts of this.