Eating at Marienau

Healthy and regional

Meeting at the table is an important aspect in a family as well as at Marienau school. Students are assigned fixed groups for the term of one school year at lunch – the boarding school students form table groups of eight students each for dinner and the Thursday group night. The (all-)day students sit with the group they will also spend the subsequent study time with and in which they complete their homework. Every group has one or two fixed supervisors assigned, who are important reference persons for the students who accompany them through the school year.

The first meal for the all-day and day students in Marienau is the breakfast during the long break. Instead of using snacks brought from home, all Marienau students may eat together. Breakfast is organized as a buffet. Lunch in the table groups ensures calm interaction and an option to engage in exchange about the school day. The groups help set and clear the tables according to a fixed schedule. After lunch, students whose afternoons are filled with activities or – in upper school – lessons, can find

refreshments during a small coffee break.
The boarding school students have several “Home area meal” events very year. During these festive multiple-course dinners, the seating order of the table groups is broken up and the residential areas come together at one table each. This festive evening with a musical background includes, among others, honoring the students who completed probation, or celebration of special events.

All meals, from breakfast before lessons and in the long break, to lunch and dinner, are cooked fresh in our kitchen. We prefer regionally grown foods from ecological agriculture. Preparation on site enables us to consider food intolerances and special eating habits. Breakfast in the long break is an automatic part of school life at Marienau. We request that students bindingly sign up for the shared lunch to permit better planning.
If you have any questions about meals at Marienau school, contact the secretarial office under 05851 – 941 33.