Boarding school

Living in a community

Marienau sees itself as a community of learners and teachers. Life here enables children and teens to come together in a group without losing their own individuality. The girls and boys at the boarding school learn about the high value of tolerance and consideration. They learn what a community needs to prevail and what a community can give to each individual. The older they grow, the more freedom they are given. They learn to handle such freedoms sensibly and responsibly.
Boarding school students are integrated in three respects: In addition to the community for academic learning, the residential community is a central reference point for them. Their house parents are the first points of contact for students and their parents. They live in Marienau permanently. The students’ table groups meet for lunch and dinner every day. Every table group has a supervising employee assigned. The table group also spends its weekly group night together. Activities such as cooking, games, sports, movies, etc. are at the focus here.

Eingebunden in diese drei Bezüge finden neue Schüler schnell Anschluss in Marienau und haben mehrere verschiedene erwachsene Ansprechpartner an ihrer Seite.