Comprehensive education

Lessons at Marienau school are aligned with the core curricula of the state of Lower Saxony. We supplement these with content focuses for each year. Regular reports on the performance status of your child, student and parent consultation days are part of the concept of Marienau school.

Learning methods
In the first years of secondary school, students are to learn work techniques that will make them competent learners across subjects in addition to the subject-specific contents – this is the target of the subject of learning methods. They also learn basic computer skills and targeted use of the Internet.

Language sequence
The acquisition of foreign languages is a central task of a secondary school like Marienau. In grade 5, English lessons are supplemented by a second foreign language. Students can choose between French, Latin and Spanish.

Students of grade 10 who previously took Latin or French can start Spanish – either as a supplementary third foreign language or as an alternative second one. The practical language competence is intensified in the scope of our stays abroad in 9th grade.

In the first years of secondary school, the subjects of crafts and creative design supplement the conventional lesson offers. Students are able to
try out and expand their crafts and artistic skills. The circus project of grades 5 and 6, which takes place before fall break, gives students their first experience on the stage, preparing them for the profile subject of performing arts in grade 8.

Since the school year of 2017/18, we have been working with the platform “Itslearning“, which enables us to better link learning contents and organizational matters in school and boarding school.