Upper school

Specifying profiles

Since the central Abitur was introduced in Lower Saxony, the Marienau school has participated in this procedure. The exams for all subjects are given centrally. Marienau enables upper school students to choose from four profiles:

  • Language profile
  • Natural sciences profile
  • Social sciences profile
  • Arts profile

In the scope of the subject-specific seminar excursion in grade 11, students reinforce their profile interests and are introduced to scientific work in light of the seminar thesis to be prepared by them.

Subsequently, they will be able to choose subjects online for selection of an upper school profile to match their personal interests. This can be used as a basis for discussion with upper school coordinator Dr. Hinrichs, who is available to them as a contact in any matters around the qualification phase and Abitur exams.

Note on Abitur exams
Beginning with school term 2020/21 we will return to Abitur exams after 9 years of Gymnasium. More information about our ideas of redesigning grade 11 you can find here.