Class excursions

Growing together

Class excursions are not only a special experience in school life that offers diversity, but expand our students’ experiences. Marienau school has a concept for class excursions that considers different development levels and age classes of the children and teens. The class and upper-school course excursions are always scheduled in the time before fall break.

In the lower grades, familiarization with the new school and strengthening the new class community are at the focus. Students of grades 5 and 6 have a shared circus project with a great show before an audience to which the elementary schools and kindergartens from the region are invited. Daring new things, becoming part of a whole and having courage to present oneself are elementary experiences with which we want to strengthen our students. Every other year, grades 5 and 6 also spend one week on a skiing trip that naturally takes place in winter.

Grades 7 and 8 focus on adventure-pedagogic excursions that strengthen children specifically as they grow up and provide important impulses for their everyday lives at school together.

In 9th grade, the focus is on application and reinforcement of the second foreign language. Our students therefore spend three weeks abroad with a language course. The curriculum for grade 10 focuses on vocational orientation and therefore includes a 14-day work experience. This has the target of collecting the first practice experience in professional work and examining own interests. Students who complete their internship at an earlier time can participate in an exchange with our partner school in Shanghai instead.

Grade 11 students follow the course of our NAU-Project. After the start of upper school, excursions no longer take place as a class, but are based on the profile choice in upper school. Depending on the choice, 12th-grade students reinforce contents of the linguistic, social sciences, natural sciences or art profile in the scope of a seminar excursion.

In 13th grade, the week before fall break will be dedicated to intense preparation for the Abitur exam with subject reinforcements, written tests and consulting on the selection of the course of studies.