Self-actualization when learning

At the latest since the PISA study, a broader public has become aware that school must change and dare to take new paths. “Customized learning” that tries to make students more responsible for their own learning, is a central subject there. Learning materials are not merely to be absorbed, but actively dealt with on one’s own. This open type of lessons permits adjustment to different learning speeds, interests and competence levels.

We pursue these targets with customized learning in grades 5 to 8, which takes place in age-appropriately changing forms.

Grade 5 will have more guidance by processing mandatory and elective tasks than grade 8, where the focus is on a large community project. The requirements for this are much more complex, because work processes must be coordinated among the students.

The portfolio work in grade 9 continues this way of working, with the student’s self-reflection on their chosen paths being given higher relevance. They put together a project folder to document their learning path and results. This is to prepare the students for the seminar thesis to be produced in grade 11.