Vocational orientation

Developing perspectives

Orientation in light of professional perspectives is part of our tasks as a school for general education; our contact for this area is Ms Panning-Ternes s.panning¬ternes@marienau.de. Based on the vocational portfolio in grade 9, Marienau’s concept for vocational orientation comprises several interlocking parts:

Vocational orientation day
We invite Altmarienauer, family members of Marienau students and external lecturers to the school for the annual vocational orientation day, where they will report on their careers, experiences and the requirements of their vocations. The students will become familiar with the necessary criteria and requirements of various professions in direct discussions and are able to establish contacts for internships and trainings early on.

Portfolio lessons
We work with established procedures in the scope of portfolio lessons in order to support students in development their interests. For the Abitur year, we offer a ‘study-field-specific consulting test’ (Studienfeldbezogener Beratungstest; SFBT) in cooperation with the German Arbeitsagentur.

Students can also receive individual consulting for their choice of studies, the gap year, and support with applications.

Subject-specific excursions and visits to study and training trade fairs, such as the Lüneburger nordjob Messe, give students comprehensive information on what to do after their Abitur and how to submit applications. Supplementary workshops on the study system in Germany and on how to draw up application documents accompany and support the students.

We cooperate with various companies in the offers named, either on site in North Germany or internationally. We thank, among others, the following companies for their cooperation in extra-curricular education of our students: Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co.KG; gmp Gerkan, Marg und Partner Hamburg & Shanghai; Merck; DEDON; Lauenroth & Strätz GmbH; Orchideengarten Karge; Landhaus Meinsbur; Sparkasse Lüneburg; Lüchow Dannenberg and Lüneburg police departments.