A respectful learning atmosphere

Small classes and a friendly, respectful atmosphere in which students receive individual support and can learn without fear – this characterizes Marienau as a learning space. In keeping with the democratic roots of our school, we work towards development of responsibility, tolerance and social action. We encourage our students to expand their knowledge and to link it to new learning. For this, we have developed year curricula that connect the contents of various subjects with each other. The highest school-leaving qualification that can be acquired from Marienau school is the Abitur according to the regulations of the central Abitur in Lower Saxony. The school community is made up of boarding school students and day students from the area. The latter can be
all-day students who participate in lunch, supervised study times in the afternoon and the rich offer of work groups. Our all-day students may participate in the teacher-supervised study time from 2:00 PM -3:30 PM where they can do their daily homework and reinforce learned contents. Learning in small year groups enables them, for example, to continue group work and presentations in which several students work together.

Strating from school term 2020/21 we do return to 9 years of Gymnasium. So our students will have theri final Abitur exams after 13 years of school all in all. More information about our plans for redesigning this “new” grade 11 you will find here.