Consultation days

Student and parent consultation days

We want to accompany children and teens in their development at Marienau together with their parents. This is best done by engaging in intense exchange with each other. In addition to the many daily opportunities to talk, we have established parent as well as student consultation days during the school year in order to look back at what has been achieved and to draw attention to the next targets.

Talking to the parents
In addition to the grade sheets, our students’ parents will be informed of their children’s performance in writing twice a year. This is done right before the parent consultation days in fall and spring. In the talk between parents and subject teachers, the children’s learning progress can thus be focused on more precisely and any required supporting measures can be initiated.

Of course, positive feedback on completed learning steps will be mentioned as well.

Talking to students
Positive feedback from the students has made the student consultation day a fixed part of the customized support and consulting concept from grades 8 to 10. The students are to reflect on their learning and to clearly see that they are responsible for their own academic success. We talk to those who hold the keys to their own successful learning. This includes a talk between each student and the respective class teacher to discuss the student’s learning and development status and to specify targets. Students can set their own targets in reflection. Students prepare for the talk with a guideline. The 15-minute talk will culminate in a target agreement. There will be a second talk in which the achievement will be discussed.