Handling violations of rules

clarity and borders

Consequences appropriate for the respective incident are imposed in case of violations of the school and boarding school rules, after a talk with the students involved, their parents and the relevant adult reference persons in the school and boarding school. They are to serve as sanctions for misbehavior and to trigger reflection on own conduct.

For violations of the smoking rules at the school, a sanction catalog was drawn up in 2007 with the school assembly, in which teachers and students are represented equally. The school is smoke-free until 1 PM; after this, adult students are allowed to smoke in the “smoking yard”. Students who smoke in spite of the prohibition will receive a smoker’s point, which requires mandatory athletic activity and that the students can delete again by volunteering in the school and boarding school.

However, we find that rewarding positive behavior is more important than imposing sanctions on misbehavior.

Our “non-smoking agreement” is to reward in particular those students who did not smoke during a school year. These students are rewarded with a day off school that they can choose in coordination with the school or boarding school management.

Where alcohol is concerned, the youth protection act is applied with the addition that a student not only needs to be 16 years old, but must also have reached 10th grade to be allowed to drink alcohol at an appropriate amount in the scope of supervised events.

All students sign a drug prevention agreement when they enter the school and must take a drug test during the three-month probationary period. If this agreement is violated, the principle of a second chance applies. This means that the student is allowed to continue school, must sign a “drug agreement” and will be subjected to regular tests in the next 12 months. A second violation of the agreement will lead to the student’s expulsion from the school. The second-chance rule does not apply to hard drugs or when selling drugs to others.