Life Skills Concept

Making children strong

The life concept curriculum for the Marienau school is structurally aligned with the program “Making young Saxons fit for life” (“Junge Sachsen fit fürs Leben”) of the Landesarbeitsstelle Schule-Jugendhilfe Sachsen e.V. Seven educational goals that were first phrased by the WHO (1994) form the core of the curriculum where the competences expected of 18-year-old adults are concerned. They are supported by specific learning targets in the scope of activities or behaviors that the learners can show after they reach their targets.

The targets are – put briefly – a positive self-concept, empathy, the ability of creative-critical thinking, the acquisition of decision-making competence and problem-solution competence. The development of relationship competence and strengthening of emotional competence complete the canon of targets. For implementation of education targets, life competence is specified according to Schuricht & Zubrägel (2011) in subject areas within which connections can be made to curricular and extra¬curricular contents.

This content-related design of the subject fields is basically aligned with the risk-protection factor model (BMG 2010) and with aspects of health promotion. The subject fields and content areas cannot be perfectly separated from each other.

At the moment, we are working to disconnect the concept from the theoretical level and to translate it into our life at the school and boarding school. We make use of existing structures for this, such as trained cornets, the school psychologist and the team of social pedagogues, as well as, of course, subject teachers. At the same time, we develop our structures and involve external partners depending on the subject field. Available formats include not only lessons, but, among others, “obligos” to which we invite theater groups or lecturers. Mr. Karrasch as the head of the boarding school and Mr. Panning as the school psychologist will gladly answer any specific questions you have on the content and implementation of the life-skills concept at the Marienau school.