Protection and prevention


All parts of the everyday life at the Gymnasium and boarding school Marienau are characterized by a humanist and integrated understanding of education. It is considered a continuous process that cannot be limited to school-learning contents and performance. Instead, it must be understood as a path towards individual equipment with skills that permit life with certain positive characteristics:
“Self-confidence, enjoyment, willingness to work hard, in particular the willingness to design one’s own life, to make sure that it will be a good, successful and maybe even a happy life, oneself” (Fuchs 2006, p. 7).

The term of life competences therefore refers to basic skills that are required for a successful life. They enable the individual to handle everyday requirements and difficulties of life constructively and productively.
In order to support the students on this path, we at the Marienau school maintain a culture of observing and talking about things. We consider it our task to offer our students to talk and to instruct our students to openly deal with critical subjects in a well-reflected manner.