For Parents

Taking care for your children

To become a part of Marienau community means opening up a chapter – for your child as well as for you as parents. In contrast to other schools, Marienau offers small study groups and a caring community. You will recognize, that there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, no matter if you child is here as a day boarding or boarding school student. Because your child is involved in many different contexts within Marienau, e.g. in class, in afternoon activity clubs or in housing groups on the campus, he/she will quickly be part of Marienau life.

Our teaching and pedagogic staff maintains a presence beyond the school lessons every day. They give support during study time where our students are doing their homework or getting prepared for tests. They offer activities and clubs in the afternoon or function as head of a “table group” to join your children continuously for lunch and dinner times and spend the Thursday evenings with various group activities. You trustfully give your child into our hands and we set value on an atmosphere of mutual respect. We see ourselves as supplements to you as parents in order to guide your child in the best way. Sending your daugther or son to Marienau means entrusting your most precious to us. We are very concious of that and do take it very seriously to promote the personal development of your child. During school time we want to be a reliable partner both in the academic education and the comprehensive development of your child’s personality.

Entering borading school means to let go your child. Your daughter/son will spend a huge part of her/his daily life in Marienau. You will hear a lot of new names and we do always invite you to feel welcome here. Make use of class meetings or parent-teacher-days to meet us, if this is possible. For our international students, the head of our ‘international team’ Rana Raslan is in charge. As distance may hinder you taking part in these events, Mrs Raslan will provide all information concering your children. Never hesitate to get in touch with us, if there are any questions occuring.

All our Marienau parents as well as the parents’ representatives welcome you to get in touch with each other. There was a first step into Marienau community for everyone, so feel invited to share your questions and thoughts. “My child in boarding school” serves as a little FAQ and may offer some answers to your questions. If you need information, please contact our main office or our international team.