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Marienau is a freely organized school funded by the charitable association “Landerziehungsheim Schule Marienau e.V.”. We receive only very low state subsidies from the state of Lower Saxony to fund our school and our diverse offer. The essential part must be covered by parent contributions. The corresponding amounts and costs will be specified as annual contributions by the sponsoring association’s members and apply – no matter the summer holidays or Abitur exams – for the time from August 01st to July 31st. For an overview of all current fees and costs, see the der PDF file.

More information about our ability to award scholarships or reduce the fees can be found here.


In order to enable students to be at Marienau in future as well, we as a freely funded school depend on the support of friends and donors. All donations to the benefit of Marienau school are tax-deductible. We issue the corresponding donation confirmation. Account number of the Marienau scholarship fund:

Sparkasse Lüneburg
IBAN: DE33 2405 0110 0007 0012 58 BIC: NOLADE21LBG
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