Discovering strenghts

Marienau school has the target to not only academically educate students, but also give the girls and boys the option to discover and reinforce their talents beyond their lessons. For this reason, we offer a large range of work groups (Arbeitsgemeinschaften; AGs) that the children and teens may use in the afternoon. Boarding school students are required to attend AGs, all-day students may choose from the offer. The current work group schedule can be found below.

Our large premises and the wonderful environment around Marienau inspire students to many free-time activities such as horseback riding, various types of sport, music offers, creative AGs, gardening or AGs on socially relevant subjects. We also support and train our students’ social competences by letting them be mentors, class speakers and cornets.
The stage technology AG at Marienau school is a special offer in which students learn about sound, lighting and stage technology before they can use their skills in the school’s internal theater plays.
On weekends, there are regular offers for the students, e.g. to work with wood in the workshop, make music, go for horseback rides, play golf or go swimming, participate in a climbing excursion, use the library or computer room or cook together. The new sports facility is particularly suitable for competitions and is used, among others, for soccer matches with external associations.

aktuelle Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs) image