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Mission & Values

We are convinced that successful education can only be achieved by students, staff and parents building relationships of trust, valuing each other and co-operating with each other. We work in small learning groups and allow our teachers the freedom to teach effectively within these groups. Through these measures and additional support outside the classroom our students are able to achieve sustainable learning success.


Marienau is a UNESCO project school and is committed to the tradition of holistic personal development. Living and learning in the Marienau community is based on active co-determination and co-creation by all. It is in line with our tradition that the students gain autonomy, take responsibility and practise tolerance.


We trust and expect our students to do the best they possibly can. We provoke their interest and encourage them to expand their knowledge and form new perceptions of the world around them. We accompany them on their learning journey, both as guide and support, and enable individual learning pathways for all students. We create a learning space in which both people and objects are treated respectfully.


We believe cultural diversity is a synonym for enrichment. That’s why we love it that people of so many international backgrounds live and work at Marienau. Through our world-wide contacts, we promote other cultures and the awareness of one’s own identity. We live our values of human rights, environmental education and global development every day and that’s why we are proud to say we are a UNESCO school.


We’ve always been able to offer a good quality of life and work here at Marienau and it’s one of our strengths that such a lot of students and staff stay here for so long and maintain a relationship with us over many years. The spacious forest and parkland surrounding the school along with the variety of building designs make Marienau unique. We base a large part of our approach to education on this wonderful, natural environment.